As you should now know, I am currently in school to become a Child and Youth Care Practitioner, but I have (of course) decided to push myself past the first initial steps that I need to get into the field. I want not just the Diploma and the Degree, but also my Masters as well as (eventually) my PhD. I also want to accomplish certain things before I finish school, because I know once I finish school, I will throw 100% of myself into the field and into whatever I am doing. While I have been in school, I have noticed a lack of certain services, not only as a career path to one day get into, but also as a student. I have started to develop a self care program called Last but not Least that is geared towards those working in the social services sector; those prone to compassion fatigue. The purpose of the program is to promote a sense of togetherness and support with a group of people who understand and are also trauma informed, while also providing a safe place for workers to take care of themselves. 

I started Last but not Least using products from Arbonne. For those who have heard about it, then you probably know where this is going, but hang tight. For those who have never heard of Arbonne, here is the jist of it. It is a company that creates AMAZING products that are plant based, vegan certified, gluten free, animal cruelty free, paraben free, ect., I chose the company because I loved the holistic approach that the company has taken in creating their products and the freedom it gives me to work my own programs. I tried the products before hand and had my first spa day which was a huge success.

To run your own self care program just pick products that suit you best, pick a date, invite the people who matter most, have a fantastic day, and post all your photos with #lastbutnotleast and/or #trustmeidontknow. To learn more about th e program, or how to be a facillitator, check out really isn’t the products that matter, Arbonne was just a choice that I made for myself, and is one that my friends have also decided to carry on with thier co-workers. The 30 days to Health and Wellness is going to be an event  that is (obviously) 30 days, which will start on October 1st (halloween is cheat day/celebration/free candy!) which also through Arbonne. For those interested in Arbonne as a company, or any of their products you can check us out at

All of the money that I make through Arbonne in Last but not Least will go towards my next big adventure. In 2019 there are two 40 day backpacking volunteer opportunities. The first one is in West Africa, the second in Peru. In both countries, I would have the opportunity to work alongside local indigenous organizations that work tirelessly to support their communities. In Peru I would have the opportunity to learn more about the controversy of LGBTQ rights in the peruvian jungle. In West Africa I would have an opportunity to connect with local educators and help advocate for more innovative teaching practicies. If you want more information about the programs, head over to There is a countdown at the bottom of the page, and I will post updates and events as things come up. Help support me and use products that make a difference. Take part in any one of my Last but not least spa days, or in the 30 Days to Health and Wellness challenge and support me in my next big adventure. 

Best of Luck to those joining and those viewing the journey towards better self care. Let the Journey begin.