New Year, Old Beginnings

This past year has been a journey in itself, but for me, it has served as the beginning of an even bigger adventure. I completed my first semester of internship in a grade one classroom, working with 20 children, all with varying levels of strengths, need, and learning styles. I had the opportunity to work … Continue reading New Year, Old Beginnings


OACYC The Journey

Thursday June 1st and Friday June 2nd of 2017 I had the opportunity to volunteer for the Ontario Association of Child and Youth Care Conference held at Humber College. With this opportunity, i was granted access to 240 working professionals who are passionate about making a difference, and enhancing their skill set. I was able … Continue reading OACYC The Journey

An Exceprt From a Product of Stress

As a student going into m second year of the Child and Youth Care program at Humber College, along with every other student, EVER; we have all heard about the importance of self care, the benefits of mindfulness, and the signs of burnout. In our first year, we had to create goals, most of which revolve around time management or taking time for ourselves in spite of our chaotic schedules. But how seriously do we actually take these goals?...